I wasn’t going to post today, but…

This is what is happening:

Crikey! President Trump is giving an enormously long and pompous, self-congratulatory press conference right now!

He really is a bit of a Twit!

My local Waitrose had a 20minute queue outside.

I planned to pop in for essentials, but came out £100 poorer – why does this always happen in Waitrose?!

I stopped over at my Aunts house – she died on 31st March, 2020 (not from the virus).
It was very strange being in her home without her there. Her funeral service, with 3 in attendance is on Thursday.

Not a busy day, but it has felt eventful.

Thanks for reading, and “Stay Safe”!


(the Grateful Landlady)

3 thoughts on “I wasn’t going to post today, but…

    • She was quite a character – she loved teddy bears, music and photography, and she got married to a Texan guy, when she was in her 50s! Her funeral was really nice. The crematorium had a garden full of cherry blossom trees – I took lots of pictures.

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      • Wow, she was quite a dreamer. Sometimes I think about my own funeral. Wish mine was like hers. It’s beautiful to see that she made people comfortable until the end.


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