MANIC Creativity

In the last month or less I have:

  • Got involved in a creative work project / charity fundraiser (see previous post) – a video which has now reached 40k people on Facebook, and been liked, shared and watched (at least in part) around 10k times, All Over The WORLD.
  • Started using a white-board to motivate myself, write daily tasks, or daily ‘themes’.
  • Thoroughly de-mossed and re-seeded my lawn.
  • Done other less intense, but still quite tough garden jobs, like ‘splitting agapanthuses’.
  • Made a short, but complicated ‘Birthday video’ for my Brother in Law.
  • Created and produced a (slightly tongue-in-cheek) Gratitude Award system, called the Golden ‘SAMI’ Awards.
  • Designated 16+ of these Awards to various friends, family members, and colleagues.
  • Held an ‘Oscars-inspired’ Award Ceremony – on Facebook Messenger, to present 8 of these SAMI awards to my closest friends.
  • Created 2 short ‘video trailers’ for the awards, including an introduction from hosts, Ricky Gervais, Ellen Degeneres, and Stephen Fry (again, all video clips)
  • 2 personal video voice messages, filmed in my garden, to open and close the awards.
  • Produced a longer video compilation, with soundtrack – 6 mins, to function as the ‘close of ceremony’ or ‘After Party’.
  • I have been inspired by Pinterest, to think about creating a Vision Board – and have already found a couple of canvases, and bought a couple of magazines to ‘cut from’.
  • I have been inspired by Pinterest, to consider painting some stones in a creative way. Not done this yet, but I have suitable stones and paints.
  • Been active in my garden, which still needs a lot of work to get it to a standard I would like.
  • Created a ‘mannequin’ mate – called Winston, who lives in my Garden or Shed (this was initially done for the Birthday video – but I have kept, named and improved him. I like having his company and occasionally talk to him.
  • Started buying cut flowers regularly again, and enjoyed arranging them nicely / looking after them.
  • Started listening to and enjoying music again, mainly Classical radio or motivational movie music.
  • Changed bedrooms, as my back hurts and my normal double bed has missing slats and an old mattress.
  • Am considering staying in the smaller bedroom, which overlooks beautiful trees and gardens, instead of the street. This means I have the window open more, and wake up to birdsong and a view of a lovely old cedar tree.
  • Which consequently means, I have a new ‘spare room’ of a sizeable nature. I am currently thinking whether I should turn this into a work-out space for Yoga, Zumba, and eventually HIIT training.
  • Alternatively, it would make a great Hobby-Room for artistic projects like painting/crafting.
  • It might function for both of the above, without need to re-arrange furniture. I’m not sure until I’ve dismantled the bed, and thought about how much exercise matting to buy.
  • I have also been to Covent Garden Opera House, to see La Traviata. and The Globe Theatre, to see Romeo & Juliet. I am eagerly awaiting Twelfth Night, which I think is coming soon, and is a great play. All of these have been ‘at home’ performances, and I have donated to the venues.
  • I have also found some new coping strategies, like a joining Facebook support group for those suffering a similar condition to me, and also a couple of Interest/Community groups on Facebook; Photography, Suffolk community pages, Gardening etc.

Normally I would add some beautiful photos to all of this. I have taken LOTS of them. However, I am a little tired today, so am trying taking it SLOW. So, I will only add one photo, which is todays message or ‘instruction’ to myself.

Additional Note:

I love being like this. I am feeling like I can enjoy being myself again, and am capable of action. I would like to maintain it, and harness the energy, and creativity.
However… there are some downsides and warning factors that I have been considering:

  • I am very vulnerable to criticism right now.
  • I am very vulnerable to rejection right now.
  • I may inadvertently cross boundaries. However, lockdown means that this hopefully is a little less risky than previous occurrences of hypomania.
  • I should plan my social-contact carefully, so I avoid getting desperate or overwhelmed.
  • I must reach out to the appropriate people/places for each contact I make, and at appropriate times.
    Friends/Family/Support Group/Therapist/Psychiatrist/Blog.
  • I may annoy or irritate or offend, and equally get annoyed or irritated or upset by people close to me. I must watch this.
  • I must remember that some people cannot understand or empathise with my current behaviour.
  • I must remember to eat and look after my personal hygiene and sleep routines.

Think thats all, may need to re-visit later.
On with ‘The Show’.


(the Grateful Landlady)

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