Plot lost, and found.

Short Post: Back to Reality, Property-care, Self-care and Gardening.

It has been a little while since I have written anything online.
Isolation bit, and in trying to deal with the death of my aunt at the start of the lockdown, help my parents organise her funeral and house clearance, keep up with my friends via different social media platforms and gain some organisational ground in my work and home life, I suffered an emotional and mental landslide.

I am feeling better now, and after a much needed visit to stay with my parents and see some familiar faces without the use of my mobile phone or laptop, I am feeling somewhat re-energised to continue trying to carry on with my attempt to try and appreciate this summer and the opportunity it could perhaps offer to focus on what I enjoy. In short, pottering around the house and garden, keeping in touch with friends, health, hobbies, and trying to live a happier more balanced life.

Honeysuckle on brick wall at my parents house.

Next post coming soon, and more garden pictures from my own garden.
Thank you for reading.
From Ellie.


(the Grateful Landlady)

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