Universal gratitude symbol


Gratitude is the Master Key, opening passage for Opportunity, Abundance, and Celebration.

Egg = Gestation = Opportunity

Spiral = Growth = Abundance

Circle = Completion = Celebration

Go Gratitude!

Above words found courtesy of GoGratitude.com
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Hello, my name is Ellie.

I am a landlady, and started writing this blog during the start of the uk lockdown.

I live in a small, but perfectly charming, market town in the UK, about 1hr from London.

I property manage 3 houses. One is my home, the other two are rented out and have been for the last 10 years.

My day job used to be in the events industry, but currently I am working from home, taking things slow, and focusing on health, happiness, and my properties.

In moderation and no particular order I like gardening, diy, photography, watching tv, and playing games (board, card and video!).

I love my co-landlord and tiny property inspector, Sami, who is a cat masquerading as a small lion!

Lording it up from above, like the king of the garden he is!

Mainly blogging about:



Mental Health

Modern Life