Due date for a Home delivery!

Today is
‘Handover day’

I do not have kids…, so naturally my work, houses, and cat are my substitute babies!

Property no.1 has been developing nicely and is ready for delivery…

Hopefully it will go to plan!

I hope this picture and very short post makes some of my pregnant / mum friends smile, if or when they have time to read it.

Just one final push now…! xxx

Thanks for reading… next post coming soon.


(the Grateful Landlady)

The Current Moment

Who cares what day it is anyway?

It is Wednesday, I think. Not sure what date. In these lock-down times, days become ‘as one’.

Its sunny, and I’m in my garden with a really late breakfast. Nice.
I won’t post many food pics – it annoys me when others do.

The only other thing I’m doing is waiting.

Covid19-impacted’ Communications

I’m waiting for a call from my estate agent, although I’m not sure at all who my actual contact is anymore, as they are nearly all working from home or ‘furloughed’ (which btw is an absolute candidate for most popular old word of the month)!
They haven’t said they would call me today, but it really is time I heard from them!

For the last week and a half, to get around the current ‘scatty’ situation as best as I can, I have simply CC’d in every contact I have at the agency, if I’m emailing for any updates/questions. It just about works, but not always.
They are always very helpful when they do get in touch though, so worth ‘bearing with’.

Moving date push-backs

My 5th tenant at ‘Property no.1’ was meant to move in on 1st April (what a joke right?!).

Then it was delayed to Friday. Fine, I didn’t want it to be Aprils Fools day anyway…maybe it was a joke!?

Then there was a bit of a major landlord-roadblock. On Friday 27th March, the boiler malfunctioned again, after having been ‘fixed’ with a new part the week before.
I called the plumbers. I like my plumbers, they are really decent people and efficient traders. They came out on Monday to inspect. Together we decided on a new boiler, the existing one being 13 years old and a right pain, so it was the best option.
The new boiler was installed and up and running by Tuesday afternoon. Wow! I told you they were efficient.

Back to the agents, confirming all okay my end ( albeit a couple of grand less in pocket).
Oops, I forgot that they will now need a new Landlord Gas Safe certificate. Of course, without it the tenancy cannot proceed and the contract cannot go out for signature.
The plumber comes on Wednesday late afternoon for this, as due to the Coronavirus, the deep cleaner wishes to be all alone in the house. No worries. Gas cert. done and emailed to agent by Wednesday evening. Inventory booked in for Thursday.

Contracts go off to tenant & her ‘housing office’ – she is a US Airforce employee.
They faff about for unknown reasons.
This week, on Monday – tenant is having trouble signing contact with e-sign.
Tuesday… I am now resolved to the waiting game and remove the bunch of tulips I placed in the house last Friday. No point hoping for any fast action right now.

Today – as I write this, an email from the agents arrives saying:

I’m sorry to bother you again on this – I have just received an email from the USAF housing office to say the tenancy needs to start on Friday 10th April as Ms ‘thetenant’ cannot get time off work until this date.

Some clarification at least & hopefully all is still going ahead!

One of the key reasons behind the choice of name for this blog, is that I am truly grateful to have had an acceptable application and holding deposit for this property – before the sh*t hit the global fan with COVID19.
In addition, she is US military,… which is a really rather secure job, with generous housing allowance. All in all, I’m a lucky landlady.

Stay at home everybody & Stay safe!


(the Grateful Landlady)

Changes, and New Starts

Well here I am, on WordPress.

Who would’ve thought it?
Mind you, who would’ve thought the majority of the world would be in Lockdown, for fear of a tiny but terrible virus, namely the new coronavirus?

Discipline is not my forte, so this blog will be somewhat of a personal challenge.
We will see how it goes over time..

‘Hello there & Hi’!

I’m new to blogging, and I’m a Landlady, but not new to that, more of a seasoned amateur.

I’m very grateful too… for lots of things, or at least certainly trying very hard to be. It’s not always easy. However, something about a global pandemic makes you appreciate life and what you have in a different way.

This is also the start of some kind of new phase for me and I will explain why below, but first I’d like to share a favourite saying used by my Oma (German grandmother) in times of difficulty or despair with ‘the now’:

‘Tomorrow is the start of the next hundred years’

My Journey so far

About two years ago I was sort of on the cusp of what would end up being a total breakdown. I had just come back from a month travelling in South America, and to say I was struggling to adjust to being back home would be an understatement.
I was exhausted, felt disorientated in my own home to the extent that I couldn’t find a tea bag, and scared of many things – the fire alarm going off, the fridge breaking down, the house getting broken into whilst I slept, but above all, scared of leaving the house. A classic sign that the dreaded slide into anxiety and depression (which I was already very familiar with) was beginning.
I struggled on for a couple of months with enormous effort, which included having to get some renovation work done on a rental property that was between tenants, but above all just keeping my head above water.

And then, at the end of May 2018, the tenant moved in, my job was done, and I surrendered. I couldn’t return to the day job I had before my trip abroad – I wasn’t fit to work, and I wasn’t sure it would be good for me to go back anyway.
I needed a total break. Time to re-coup and re-assess.

I didn’t know at that point, but as it so often is, the anxiety and depression were in effect the start of a total nervous breakdown. The downwards spiral was fairly rapid, and within another month, I didn’t feel like myself anymore, I couldn’t even remember what myself felt like.
What followed was almost two years of disconnection from the real world. Sometimes life was very dark, sometimes just bleak, but all of the time – depressed, sedentary, uncommunicative, lost and without hope.

Moving On…

About a month or so ago, in February 2020, things started to shift.
Finally, little improvements to my daily life were possible again. More importantly, I started to feel more like ‘me’, and the combined sense of tremendous relief together with increasing positivity and hope has blossomed since then, just like the cherry tree in my garden, and the pear in my rental property.
A very long winter has come to a close and spring has finally arrived!

Thank you for reading… next post coming soon!


(the Grateful Landlady)