• How long have you been a Landlady?

    Nearly 10 years now. Time flies. I bought my first house in my twenties, and the second and third followed very shortly afterwards. Since then I have been consolidating rent and experience, but I would quite like to buy another property in due course.

  • Why did you decide to invest in Property?

    Probably because my parents are landlords too, as is my sister now, and a few other members of wider family.
    Possibly also a result of watching way too many episodes of ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ during a time when I had nothing else to do.
    Mainly, because I am very fortunate to have capital to invest, and I have more personal interest in property renovation and management then I do in watching stocks and shares.

  • Can you offer advice to someone who wants to become a landlady?

    Maybe, but definitely not professional advice. I am muddling my way through this as best I can. Sometimes I think I am getting the hang of it, at other points, I realise how uninformed I am.
    I can offer my perspective though, especially if I have encountered similar situations.

  • Do you have a day job?

    I used to. I was a Venue Manager for nearly 15 years, and dealt predominantly with Wedding Couples, so know quite a bit about the wedding industry through this. In addition, and connected to the same job, I was involved with a few renovations, the biggest being of a Farmhouse that was converted to Self-catering Accommodation for the above Venue. I then set up the protocols for how this would be run. Both the venue and the hospitality roles have been, in equal parts, hugely enjoyable and immensely stressful over the years.

  • Why did you start this Blog?

    Its a considered whim, an exercise in self-discipline and a learning experience.

  • Roughly how often will you be posting?

    Possibly quite often initially, as its quite fun. As a routine, a would like to try and post once (or a maximum of twice) a week.

Thanks for reading!


(the Grateful Landlady)